Set I, 44b

Troublesome Verbs

Underline the correct verb choice for each sentence.

1. Chuck (lay, laid) his pen on the desk.

2. The blanket (lay, laid) on the floor.

3. Pablo (sat, set) the paper on the shelf.

4. Ezekiel (rose, raised) many new questions.

5. Effie (rose, raised) at five o'clock each morning.

6. Milton has (laid, lain) in bed all day.

7. Severo had not (laid, lain) anything on this table.

8. Monte (lay, laid) the diamonds on the counter.

9. Albert (lay, laid) on the blue towel.

10. Adriana has always (risen, raised) before noon.

11. Eric had never (risen, raised) before noon.

12. Paul often (sits, sets) in the front of the restaurant.

13. Ramona always (sits, sets) in the front seat.

14. Reginald (rose, raised) the curtain.

15. Sammie (lies, lays) on the beach and sleeps.

16. Arnita (sat, set) on the corner of Southridge Avenue.

17. Craig (rose, raised) the water level in the tank.

18. Etta (rises, raises) very early in the morning.

19. Opal did not (rise, raise) from her bed.

20. Mei-Mei (sat, set) in front of her home.

Bindseil and Dicky, Instructor's Manual, p. 63.