Set I, 44a

Study Unit 11: Troublesome Verbs

Postassessment 1

Underline the correct verb choice for each sentence.

1. Today, I want to (lie, lay) in the sun.

2. Yesterday, I (lie, lay) in the sun.

3. Last semester the student (raised, rose) at four o'clock each morning.

4. (Raise, Rise) the window shade.

5. We always (set, sit) the boxes on the floor.

6. Mrs. Capello (set, sat) in her favorite chair.

7. Mrs. Cantu has (laid, lain) the papers on the table.

8. Able Canales (raised, rose) his hand.

9. Rudolph Cardova (raised, rose) the shower curtain.

10. Luke Roundtree (sat, set) in the dark.

11. The Foxes (sat, set) their garbage cans on Kinney Avenue.

12. Homer Runningwater (lay, laid) his watch on the counter.

13. Rafael (sat, set) the painting in the corner.

14. Everett has (lain, laid) under the tree all afternoon.

15. Julio (sits, sets) in that park each evening.

16. Tony has (raised, risen) this morning.

17. Maylee (rose, raised) a question.

18. Beatrice (sat, set) two trophies on the table.

19. Vera (lay, laid) the money on the counter.

20. Mr. Carmichael (raised, rose) the painting two inches.

Bindseil and Dicky, Instructor's Manual, p. 62.