Set I, 43

Review of Subjects and Verb

Circle the complete subject and underline the complete verb in these sentences. 

1. The thirsty man gulped the ice cream soda.

2. My cousin and her friend came to the party late.

3. Her father and mother have been lawyers for years.

4. Robert and I left together.

5. The lineman smashed through the opposing team's defense.

6. The yellow submarine was parked in front of the gas station.

7. You should have swallowed the cough syrup quickly.

8. They have been my best friends for a long time.

9. Should I leave now?

10. Will he do his homework on time?

11. The judge could have sentenced the pusher to life.

12. We must help his little brother with mathematics.

13. The lamp has been burning all afternoon.

14. The shoes and the shirt seem too tight for him.

15. She will have eaten the cake by 3:00.

16. They have always written their papers on time.

17. My Persian cat has been crying for food for hours.

18. Are you going to the movies later?

19. She may try for a scholarship for medical school.

20. He and she are together all the time.

21. These books and those papers are missing.

22. Will you go to the dentist's office with me?

23. Rooms 212 and 213 have been empty all day.

24. You must leave the room immediately.

25. Those grammar exercises have been helpful.