Set I, 42

Write the word that the who, which or that relates (or refers) to in the sentences in the space at the right; then circle the correct form of the verb. who, which, that relates to . . .

EXAMPLE: I like people who (is, [are]) clever. _____people____

1. Always take courses that (look, looks) difficult. _______________

2. I always avoid a person who (seems, seem) stuck-up. _______________

3. Judy has a grand piano that (costs, cost) $3,000. _______________

4. The apples that (is, are) too big for your mouth are meant to be baked. _______________

5. I can't find the books that (is, are) necessary. _______________

6. My uncles, who (love, loves) to read mystery stories, are both detectives on the police force. _______________

7. Don't chase a stray animal that (appears, appear) frightened. _______________

8. Swimming in polluted water, which (leads, lead) to trouble, is a dumb thing to do. _______________

9. People who (lives, live) in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. _______________

10. The walnuts that (has, have) green spots are poisonous. _______________

11. Dan likes women who (wear, wears) only designer clothes. _______________

12. Refined foods, which (include, includes white sugar and white flour, have few vitamins. _______________

13. My brother likes music that (help, helps) him relax. _______________

14. I don't trust politicians who (promise, promises) to solve all my problems. _______________

15. Onions, which (survives, survive) the frost, may be planted before the snow melts. _______________