Set I, 40

Finding Verbs and Simple Subjects

Copy the following sentences. If a sentence is in inverted order, rearrange it in natural order. In each sentence underline the simple subject once and the verb twice.

EXAMPLE: How strong are insects? Insects are how strong?


A. 1. Man has always marveled at the strength of insects.

2. Here are two examples of insect power.

3. An ant once moved a stone 52 times its own weight.

4. A beetle lifted on its back 850 times its own weight.

5. A man with strength in proportion to that of insects could do amazing things.

6. One man could supposedly pull a 14,000-pound trailer truck.

7. A man could jump 700 feet across a canyon and 450 feet into the air.

8. There are other amazing insect accomplishments.

B. 1. A mosquito can carry its own weight in human blood.

2. Insects can fly hundreds of miles without a stop.

3. To the lonely island of Bermuda occasionally come swarms of butterflies.

4. There are insects far out at sea.

5. Do insects benefit from their small size?

6. Could man-sized insects perform similar remarkable feats?

7. With an increase in size come certain disadvantages.

8. Insect strength would probably not exceed man's under such conditions.

A. 18 CHANGING INVERTED SENTENCES To find the complete subject and complete predicate of an inverted sentence, put the sentence into the natural order.

INVERTED Into the dark, deserted mine shaft flooded the light of fifty torches.

NATURAL The light of fifty torches flooded into the dark, deserted mine shaft.