Set I, 39

Subject-Verb Agreement (Subjects) 

Underline the subject in each of the following sentences and then choose the verb in parentheses that correctly completes the sentence. Write the verb in the blank to the left.

__is___ 1. One of the boys (is, are) not coming.

_______ 2. The boy with the fishing pole on his shoulder and the dog trotting at his heels (make, makes) a charming picture.

_______ 3. Either Mr. Smith or one of the other librarians (are, is) getting the book for me.

_______ 4. Neither Anne nor her friends (were, was) at the party.

_______ 5. The attitude of the boys (is, are) belligerent.

_______ 6. Mr. Jones is one of those people who (become, becomes) easily annoyed.

_______ 7. The woman in the safari and the gentleman in the turban (are, is) an exotic pair.

_______ 8. Mrs. Rafferty, as well as other members of her bridge club, (is, are) planning to sponsor a tortoise in the race.

_______ 9. The schedule announcing the week's events (contain, contains) an error.

_______ 10. The situation in the Middle Eastern countries--Iran, Turkey, and Jordan-- (is, are) rapidly becoming serious.

_______ 11. Neither the men nor the one woman in the class (understand, understands) the professor's lectures.

_______ 12. A million dollars (is, are) a lot of money.

_______ 13. Any one of the men who (get, gets) the job will do his best.

_______ 14. The team (is, are) in training.

_______ 15. The scissors (is, are) on the table.

_______ 16. (Is, Are) my trousers being washed?

_______ 17. Either Sue or her brothers (is, are) feeding the cat while we are away.

_______ 18. He is one of those people who (dislike, dislikes) all classical music.

_______ 19. One of the boys (is, are) taking a camera on the picnic.

_______ 20. Where (are, is) the man and woman who want to see me?