Set I, 38

Directions: In the following sentences, correct the incorrect underlined verbs. Write the correct verbs. Write C in any blank if the verb is correct.

1. Her nose is smooth with soft freckles that covers it.

2. His dedication and devotion shows that he is a man who have a deep sense of responsibility.

3. Just about everybody in this country own a TV set or a radio.

4. When the chicken look golden brown, it should be done.

5. Diane, who is twenty-eight, has sparkling brown eyes that lights up when she laugh.

6. You can tell that he's rich by looking at the clothes he wear.

7. They helps the senior citizens with their meals and also takes them to the clinic for their checkups.

8. He swim to an island and decide to hunt for food.

9. The rider is judged on the way he handle the horse.

10. She has eyes that crinkles at the edges when she smile.

11. Remove all the pieces of fabric that is left.

12. I used to always make believe that I were driving.

13. Mr. Johnson never put any of his employees down or make them feel he's better than they are.

14. There was the ferris wheel, the octopus, the swings, and many more rides for everyone to enjoy.

15. The hair around his ears are gray now.

16. He always wear a baseball cap that sit on top of his head.

17. Al's eyebrows stand out from his face but looks neatly trimmed.

18. She's friendly, but she don't speak very good English.

19. The crinkles in her highly-powdered nose shows that she wears glasses.

20. Just the feeling of being out on the lake fishing make all the trouble worthwhile.