Set I, 37

Making he, she, it, and they subjects go with their verbs

Directions: In each sentence, correct the incorrect italicized verbs so that they go with their subjects. Then write the correct forms of the verbs. Write C in the blank if the sentence is already correct.

1. Diane sews most of her clothes, but DeeDee purchases hers.

2. Styling hair consist of numerous techniques in arranging the hair in agreement with one's facial structure.

3. She is a tall slender lady who throw her weight around when she comes on the floor.

4. They are about the same height and weight about the same.

5. Her dynamic clothes makes the room even brighter.

6. Put the equipment back where it belong.

7. I like to do most things that involves travel.

8. When Friday comes, that's when it all happen.

9. Her personality is just like a magnet that pull people to her and attract attention.

10. Her nose look square from the front.