Set I, 36

Using has and have with the correct subjects

Directions: In the following sentences, cross out the incorrect italicized verbs and write the correct verbs. Write C in a blank if the verb is correct.

1. Dorothy have several children ranging from six to fifteen years old.

2. Nothing have changed about my hometown in the last ten years; it still has as many run-down buildings as ever.

3. Television have many bad effects on the family's life style.

4. The beauty is in the historic scenes that the city have.

5. When I first moved into my new neighborhood, it was a beautiful and quiet place, but now things has changed.

6. By this time I am usually so tired that the oldest of my daughters have to clean the kitchen for me.

7. The park have all kinds of rides to enjoy and a large picnic area.

8. He have great little legs.

9. Since daydreaming is my favorite vice, I never has been able to overcome it.

10. Some classes have only a few students in them, but others has too many.