Set I, 34

First underline the subject of each sentence below; then circle the correct verb form. Remember, if the subject of the sentence is a he, she, or it (third person singular), then there must be an -s or -es on the verb for it to agree with the subject.

1. They (look, looks) great.

2. In the afternoon, he (plays, play) basketball in the park.

3. I never (write, writes) my papers on time.

4. He always (write, writes) his papers on time.

5. She (plan, plans) to go to medical school in Mexico City.

6. He (gives, give) out the papers five minutes before the final begins.

7. I like that book because it (tells, tell) an exciting story.

8. If he (sleeps, sleep) too late, he (misses, miss) the show--it's as simple as that.

9. Although the soda looks good, it (taste, tastes) terrible.

10. I am taking the test later today, but I (think, thinks) I will do well.

11. We love exercise because it (help, helps) us lose weight.

12. She (reads, read) more than most people I (know, knows).

13. I am throwing out the old bookcase; it (messes, mess) up the modern look of my room.

14. She (jump, jumps) out of bed, (get, gets) dressed in a hurry, and (zooms, zoom) out of the house towards school, where she (puts, put) in a full day's work.

15. If you (want, wants), you can leave now.

16. They (seems, seem) tired.

17. Flowers grow in the spring; they (die, dies) in the winter.

18. Because my guitar is broken, it (sound, sounds) terrible.

19. I (drink, drinks) a quart of milk daily.

20. They (drink, drinks) a quart of milk daily.

21. He (drink, drinks) a quart of milk daily.

22. If she (wants, want) to get good grades, she has to get extra help.

23. We (light, lights) candles for dinner on Sunday.

24. You (knits, knit) beautiful sweaters.

25. She (smokes, smoke) too much; he also (smokes, smoke) too much, but I (hates, hate) smoking.