Set I, 33

Circle the correct verb in each sentence below, making sure it agrees with its subject.

1. The children (loves, love) to paint with watercolors.

2. Miguel (reads, read) too fast.

3. He never (tries, try) to be something that he is not.

4. She and I (am, is, are) leaving now.

5. Sam and Bob (seems, seem) to be good friends.

6. The students (finds, find) that writing can be fun.

7. The fruit on the table (tastes, taste) good.

8. She (hopes, hope) to go to law school.

9. Latin music (appeal, appeals) to me.

10. The tutor in my English class always (participates, participate) in our discussions.

11. Our television set (has, have) to be repaired.

12. Helena (repairs, repair) televisions and radios like a professional.

13. Tests sometimes (gives, give) an indication of what a student has learned.

14. Dancing (relaxes, relax) me.

15. The good pianist always (practices, practice).