Set I, 32

Select the correct word or expression.

1. (Was, Were) you ever in England?

2. Each of the beagles (has, have) his own doghouse.

3. They (was, were) lost on the mountain all night.

4. Two squirrels (has, have) been sitting on the telephone wire all morning.

5. A favorite game of Scottish people (are, is) curling.

6. (Doesn't, Don't) the Mississippi River rise in Wisconsin?

7. Organizations like CARE and MEDICO (increase, increases) understanding among nations.

8. In the pond (was, were) two bullfrogs sitting on lily pads.

9. (There are, There's) about 500,000 different kinds of insects.

10. George and Ray (was, were) swimming in the RED River yesterday.

11. Neither of the divers (fear, fears) the barracuda.

12. Mr. Warrens's colorslides of his safari into deepest Africa (make, makes) his lecture more interesting.

13. There (are, is) only twenty-three persons to every one hundred square miles in Alaska.

14. The royal poinciana tree (doesn't, don't) bloom until late in May.

15. The shrill toots of the tugboat (was, were) each punctuated by a white plume.

16. Sleeping on Julie's new bedspread (was, were) Charcoal's three black kittens.

17. There (was, were) some swallows nesting in Uncle Chet's barn.

18. We (was, were) too late to enter the fishing derby.

19. Neither the camel nor the giraffe (eat, eats) meat.

20. Jules Vern's science-fiction books (include, includes) Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, From the Earth to the Moon, and Five Weeks in a Balloon.