Set I, 30

Choose the correct form of the verb.

1. The price of the repairs (seems, seem) out of line.

2. The wine in the bottles (tastes, taste) sour.

3. The strong smell of imported cheese (makes, make) my mouth water.

4. The cheese in the refrigerator (is, are) fresh.

5. The three adorable kittens on the rug (seems, seem) asleep.

6. The signs along the highway (blocks, block) everyone's view.

7. The toys on top of the dresser (belongs, belong) to my cousin.

8. The weight of the packing crates (is, are) hard to estimate.

9. The purpose of these meetings (is, are) to help the counselors do a better job.

10. The needs of this patient (requires, require) immediate attention.

11. The lamps in the stockroom (does, do) not work correctly.

12. The students in English 13 (wants, want) to give their instructor a present.

13. (Has, Have) the terms papers of my last semester at college been filed in the Dean's Office?

14. The common cause for many illnesses (is, are) poor diet.

15. The function of his questions (remains, remain) unclear.

16. Those books on the shelf (looks, look) difficult.

17. The package for the student (is, are) here.

18. One of the maintenance men (promises, promise) to repair the stereo.

19. My relatives in Ireland (travels, travel) a great deal.

20. The machines by the door (appears, appear) old and useless.