Set I, 28

Choose the correct verb in parentheses.

1. One of my friends (hopes, hope) to go to college this fall.

2. Neither of the books (is, are) right for the course.

3. Each of the choices (are, is) a good one.

4. Either of the students (does, do) excellent.

5. Each of us (need, needs) a long vacation.

6. One of the cats (have, has) a cold.

7. Neither of them (looks, look) willing to do what he is supposed to.

8. One of these dresses (is, are) the right size.

9. Each of the desserts (does, do) have a lot of calories.

10. Neither of those pens (works, work) well.

11. Every one of my friends (goes, go) to college.

12. Neither of the contenders (is, are) really a good fighter.

13. One of the instructors (wants, want) to give A's to many students.

14. One of the doctors (does, do) not practice medicine any more.

15. Either of the fans (is, are) a nice gift.