Set I, 26

Agreement of Subject and Verb

Select the correct word or expression. 

1. Each of the members of our club (has, have) an unusual hobby.

2. Some dinosaurs (was, were) plant eaters.

3. Above the circular pavilion (was, were) the colorful state flags.

4. All the fans in the stadium (was, were) cheering wildly.

5. How late (was, were) you for rehearsal?

6. In the Congressional Library in Washington there (are, is) thousands of miles of bookshelves.

7. They (wasn't, weren't) trying very hard to win.

8. Mr. Long (doesn't, don't) smile very often.

9. Umbrellas (was, were) used in the Orient at least two thousand years ago.

10. The winners of the essay contest (are, is) listed on the front page of the Clarion.

11. The skin divers (was, were) searching for sunken treasure.

12. The price of that album of Christmas carols (are, is) five dollars.

13. Neither of the teams (was, were) in scoring position.

14. He (was, were) exploring the old silver mine.

15. She (doesn't, don't) believe your fantastic story.

16. Neither Paul nor Steve (has, have) a hobby.

17. (There are, There's) three sailboats in the cove.

18. Terry and Alma (was, were) with us on the hike to Lincoln Observatory.

19. On the opposite shore of the lake (was, were) two flamingos.

20. We (was, were) in the planetarium for two hours.