Set I, 25

Making Verbs Agree With Their Subjects

What is the subject of each of these sentences? Is it singular or plural? Choose the right verb.

A. 1. There (are, is) two hungry dogs on the porch.

2. There (go, goes) the fire trucks.

3. There (was, were) drifts of snow ten feet high outside my window this morning.

4. (Was, Were) the rosebushes sprayed yesterday?

5. (Aren't, Isn't) there more cookies in the oven?

6. There (are, is) about twenty boats tied up at the pier.

7. (Has, Have) the cows been milked yet?

8. (Are, Is) there wild horses still on the western plains?

9. In our neighborhood there (are, is) six poodles with the name Fifi.

10. There (are, is) orange, green, cinnamon, and yellow canaries.

B. 1. (Was, Were) there any potato chips left over?

2. There (go, goes) the Carter twins on their bikes.

3. (Has, Have) the crocuses come up yet?

4. In the western part of our country there (are, is) still thousands of acres of open range.

5. There (was, were) only two rowboats for rent.

6. (Wasn't, Weren't) all the members of the Outdoor Club at the barbecue supper?

7. There (are, is) four strings on a violin.

8. On the desk (was, were) several colorful rocks as paperweights.

9. There (are, is) many uses for a good dictionary.

10. There (was, were) two baby robins in the nest.