Set I, 24

Drop the there, rearrange the sentence, and choose the right form of the verb.

1. There (is, are) a great film on television this afternoon.

2. There (is, are) six students waiting for you.

3. There (is, are) dry clothes waiting for you in the bathroom.

4. There (is, are) a cactus and a geranium in the window.

5. There (is, are) a large chair in the corner.

6. There (is, are) many things to be learned from older people.

7. There (is, are) a goldfish and a guppy in the fish tank.

8. There (is, are) two finals left to take.

9. There (is, are) children playing in the street. Be careful.

10. There (is, are) my slippers by the chair.