Set I, 20

Circle the right verb in parentheses.

Examples: The window was (polish, polished). Nellie seems highly (qualify, qualified) for the job.

1. I am (please, pleased) when an audience enjoys my singing.

2. Jerry looks (hurry, hurried).

3. June gets (offended, offend) easily.

4. I always get (scare, scared) when I hear loud noises.

5. When I saw the spider, I was (horrify, horrified).

6. If we look (surprise, surprised) to see you, it's because we are.

7. Harry acts (married, marry).

8. Andy told me he felt very (depress, depressed) when he was alone.

9. My employer seems (prejudice, prejudiced).

10. The deer become (frighten, frightened) when cars approach the woods.

11. The teacher is truly (interested, interest) in our progress.

12. The man dropped his tray and looked (embarrass, embarrassed).

13. You look so (dignify, dignified) in that high silk hat.

14. My friend seemed (confused, confuse) when she heard the news.

15. That tree appears to be (petrify, petrified).

16. The freshmen are (involved, involve) in writing a play.

17. Marna always acted (bored, bore) at my parties, so I stopped inviting her.

18. These sweet potatoes look (candy, candied).

19. The camera lens is (scratch, scratched).

20. Did you know that one out of three American couples get (divorce, divorced)?

21. Well, I'm the hopeful type; I just got (engaged, engage).

22. Were you ever (baptize, baptized)?

23. White sugar and white flour are (refine, refined).

24. The people are (concerned, concern) about the rising cost of living.

25. That new car looks well (design, designed).