Set I, 19

Learn the verb forms that are used with helping verbs.

Using forms ending in -ed

Directions: In each of the following sentences, cross out the incorrect word in parentheses. Then write the correct word.

1. After you have (learn, learned) all of the rules, you are ready to drive.

2. The rest of her body is (shape, shaped) well.

3. After the rack is (finish, finished), it will be ready for you to use or give to someone.

4. Have you ever (use, used) a sewing machine?

5. I have never (study, studied) so hard in all of my life.

6. Now you have (complete, completed) all of the preparations, and you can begin to knit.

7. After you have (nail, nailed) the parts together, paint the box a bright pretty color.

8. Alden had (gather, gathered) only wet pieces of wood, and he was not able to make the fire burn, although he worked over it for an hour.

9. After you have told him what to do, watch to see that he does what you have (direct, directed).

10. Sally's children are so noisy that some of the neighbors have (ask, asked) her to leave them home when she visits.