Set I, 16

Using simple past forms ending in -ed

Directions: In each of the following sentences cross out the underlined verb; then change it to the simple past and write the new word.

1. I ask my brother for money many times before I got my first job.

2. The vicious dog attack the children who were playing in the street.

3. Several other people use this book before I bought it.

4. Misunderstanding and prejudice separate people for many years until they began to understand each other.

5. Several times we talk too long on the telephone because we were thoughtless.

6. He always want a big car, although he never seem to be able to afford one.

7. When they are young, many people hope for a very successful life.

8. The traffic light change just as I stepped off the curb.

9. Most of our parents walk to school when they were students.

10. Last year during spring training, the baseball players jump rope.