Set I, 12

Using the correct forms of the verb be

Directions: In each sentence, cross out the incorrect verb in parentheses. Then write the correct verb.

1. Her forehead and neck (is, are) smooth and dark.

2. He fell overboard trying to figure out where the noises (was, were) coming from.

3. Manners (is, are) important when a child goes to school.

4. The employment opportunities (was, were) very scarce in the town where I grew up.

5. It was very hard to learn, because the classrooms (was, were) overcrowded.

6. Her cheeks (is, are) round and smooth.

7. The ingredients (is, are) spaghetti, seasoning, and sauce.

8. They (was, were) always talking about what they (was, were) going to do after graduation.

9. He felt that the animals he hunted (was, were) no match for him.

10. The best day I had lately, (was, were) the day I (was, were) going to the store for my mother and found twenty dollars.

Directions: Complete the following sentences with the form of the verb be that agrees with the subject.

1. All the people ___________ looking at me.

2. We passed the written test and ___________ ready for the road test.

3. My sister and I ___________ walking home one night talking about the cat lady and the man who ___________ headless.

4. The house ___________ so dark I didn't think anyone ___________ there.

5. When Billy came over, Kimp and I ___________ just smiling at each other.

6. There ___________ the horse races, too.

7. The roads ___________ really bad that day, and I ___________ lucky to get there at all.

8. I ___________ sure he is a fair teacher, but he sure ___________ hard on us.

9. Although there ___________ many people who think shooting baskets and chasing the ball down the court ___________ crazy, I think basketball ___________ a great game.

10. The music ___________ playing softly, and people ___________ standing around talking and laughing.